Founded in 2012
Genre: Goregrind
Country: Denmark

Instead of writing the intriguing story of Reverend Boylover, we asked them to tell the tale themselves.
The story of Reverend Boylover is shrouded and unknown, unknown to the people and unknown to themselves. Few are lucky to have witnessed their story and I aim to tell that story. Everything started in 1969 in the inner sanctums of the Vatican. Two handsome men of god where meditating and masturbating, assisted by hundred of cocky choirboys. They were preaching the love of god, and practicing it. The choirboys loved and praised them, they were good men. Everything was great until the hippie society brought their diseases to the Vatican, people got hooked on the thoughts of moral and ethics, the free will and other ridiculous made up beliefs like 9/11. Time where changing, people called the priests for pedophiles and other non-existing words like sex offenders. Years went by, no one heard from them though they were greatly missed by all of their fans. In the year 2012 they rose from the gutter filled with piss, shit and STDs. Back to spread cum over the face of humanity, back to rape your mom and jerk off your child. Back to spread the truth of true love, to practice and preach! Join them in their crusade for integrity. Love them, be loved by them and bathe in their love.

Reverend Boylover is:
Rasmus Storustovu - Vocals
Sebastian Weiergang Larsen - Guitars, Bass, Drums