INCORPOREAL Launches New Single "Forest of Lydia"

INCORPOREAL has launched a new single entitled "Forest of Lydia". This track is not only used to launch Incorporeal's very own Bandcamp shop, in which this track is exclusive to, but it is also a taste of the forthcoming debut album. This as-of-yet untitled debut album is expected to release in late 2016. Before the launch of that Incorporeal will release its second compilation of demo material, succeeding this years well-received "A Darker Shade of Black: Demo Collection I". Information about this, will also be revealed in 2016.

The single is available for streaming through our Soundcloud site, but in order to get your filthy hands on it, visit Incorporeal's Bandcamp site right here. And also be sure to show your support for the artist on the official home on Facebook right here.

Cover art and logo by Alexander Dinesen.
Photography by Josefine H. Pettersson.