ENGRAVER to Release Compilation

In 2015, the young speed/heavy metal band Engraver decided to split up after guitarist, Nick Holst left the band. The summer of 2015, was supposed to have led to the recording of their debut EP, which had been delayed for more than a year. A sad ending for a band that had a lot of potential.
However, Intoxicated Recordings will bring you a final farewell, with the compilation "From the Dungeons: Demo Collection". It will feature a couple of demo tracks and an entire live gig. More precisely, what was to become Engraver's last concert at the Metal Magic Warm-Up event on April 10th, 2015.

The compilation will see both a digital and physical release. All this, and the track-list will be revealed in a near future! Until then, here's a peek at the album cover for the release.

Make sure to check out Engraver on Facebook, and keep your eyes peeled for more information on the album!


The Danish sludge/doom metal band, King Mammoth have decided to call it quits. As all of the members live far apart from each other, and a lack of interest, the band decided to put the mammoth down. King Mammoth recorded their album "Mammoth Mountain" in 2014 and it was the first record for Intoxicated Recordings to release. It was well received in the sludge underground. By request of the band the album will sadly not see a physical release.

You can listen to the album below, and if you so desire, you can download the album for free.

INCORPOREAL Launches New Single "Forest of Lydia"

INCORPOREAL has launched a new single entitled "Forest of Lydia". This track is not only used to launch Incorporeal's very own Bandcamp shop, in which this track is exclusive to, but it is also a taste of the forthcoming debut album. This as-of-yet untitled debut album is expected to release in late 2016. Before the launch of that Incorporeal will release its second compilation of demo material, succeeding this years well-received "A Darker Shade of Black: Demo Collection I". Information about this, will also be revealed in 2016.

The single is available for streaming through our Soundcloud site, but in order to get your filthy hands on it, visit Incorporeal's Bandcamp site right here. And also be sure to show your support for the artist on the official home on Facebook right here.

Cover art and logo by Alexander Dinesen.
Photography by Josefine H. Pettersson.

INCORPOREAL Details First Compilation, Track Online

INCORPOREAL is ready with more details concerning its first out of two demo compilations. "A Darker Shade of Black: Demo Collection I" will contain demos from 2009-2011, and lasts around 51 minutes. The release date has been pushed from October 26th to November 16th, and it will still be launched through our Bandcamp shop. As an appetizer you can listen to "Scorn and Contempt" on our Soundcloud or YouTube. Before its release, further two tracks will be released.

"A Darker Shade of Black: Demo Collection I" tracklist:
1. A Darker Shade of Black (Preludium)
2. Dystopia in Deconstruction
3. Dream Eater
4. A Vision of Doom
5. Realms of the Underworld (Interludium)
6. Scorn and Contempt
7. Resignation
8. The Wanderer
9. Chords of War
10. Locked Inside His Kingdom's Fortress Heart

Artwork and logo by Alexander Dinesen.
Photography by Lea Madsen.

Incorporeal on the internet: Facebook, Bandcamp.

INCORPOREAL to Release a 2-Part Compilation

Danish one-man extreme metal band, Incorporeal will be releasing two compilations with demo tracks dating back to 2009, and with the newest tracks being from 2014.
The compilations will be released with some space in between them, and the first one to hit the streets is "A Darker Shade of Black: Demo Collection I". Soon afterwards, it will be succeeded by "A Vow Sworn: Demo Collection II" which will bring more progressive elements into the music.

All of this will in 2016, be followed up by a debut full-length album.

"A Darker Shade of Black: Demo Collection I" will be released on October 26th, 2015, and will feature 10 tracks which will clock in at just above 50 minutes. Full track-list and artwork will be revealed in a near future.

Incorporeal on the internet: Facebook, Bandcamp.

KING MAMMOTH to Release Debut Album, Track Online

The Danish sludge/stoner/doom quartet, King Mammoth is ready with all the details you need for their debut album, "Mammoth Mountain", and a track off it, to get you started. All 3 tracks will together clock in at 38 minutes.
The album releases on September 28, 2015 and will be available for free download through our Bandcamp shop. Until then you can listen to the first track "Mammoth Stampede" on SoundCloud, YouTube or Bandcamp.

"Mammoth Mountain" tracklist:
1. Mammoth Stampede
2. As the Mastodon Tramples
3. Last March of the Ancients

The cover art is a portion of "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains" (1868) by the German-American painter Albert Bierstadt.
Additional artwork and band logo by Alexander Dinesen.