Mammoth Mountain

by King Mammoth

Release date: September 28th, 2015
Format: Digital

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Dirty underground sludge/stoner/doom metal from Denmark. King Mammoth's debut album, "Mammoth Mountain", brings you three crushing and individual tracks inspired by the mighty ancients. So take a step forward towards the foot of the mountain where the legend lived, marched and died.

The cover art is a portion of "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains" (1868) by the German-American painter Albert Bierstadt.

Line up
Jacob Thomsen - Drums, Vocals (Track 2)
Jesper Nordskjold - Bass, Vocals (Track 1)
Rasmus Lykke - Guitars, Vocals (Tracks 1 & 2)
Sandi Julardzija - Guitars

Mastered by Jesper Nordskjold.
Recording and mixing by Jacob Thomsen.
Additional artwork and logo by Alexander Dinesen.

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