Founded in 2010
Genre: Progressive Extreme Metal
Country: Denmark

Incorporeal is an extreme metal project led by founding member and front-man Nickolai Matthiassen. Incorporeal started in 2010 picking up the remaining pieces of Crown of Thorns - another extreme metal project that fell apart due to conflicting interests. Old Crown of Thorns songs that hadn't been published were saved for this new project, while other songs such as "Dream Eater" were simply adopted by Incorporeal. Incorporeal originally started in Kalundborg, but later moved to Odense, Denmark.

Incorporeal is a band with a vision that embraces extreme metal while incorporating orchestral and symphonic parts. Matthiassen is the main composer working alongside guitarist and longtime friend Dennis Amtoft Jensen who did some guitar parts on the track "Scorn and Contempt". Both of them had previously worked together under the band name Things Lost in The Fire. As of recently the band has acquired session musicians thus only making Matthiassen responsible for vocals, lyrics and keyboards.

Incorporeal is heavily influenced by symphonic metal, but still pursue to maintain a rough, raw and original sound that perfectly captures the essence of the early '90s Norwegian black metal scene. The sophisticated compositions and song-writing is and will always be the backbone of Incorporeal. From aesthetic soundscapes of vast orchestral greatness to aggressive blast beats and tremolo guitar - it is the diverse contrast between beauty and beast that is the core essence of Incorporeal.

Incorporeal is:
Nickolai Matthiassen - Vocals, Keyboard