In 2015, Intoxicated Recordings rose from the regurgitating underground of Roskilde after a similar project rotted in 2014. It is founded by Alexander Dinesen. As an independent label, its main purpose is to support the extreme metal underground and its promising artists. Adding to that, the goal is not to sign an endless stream of bands, turning the label into a conveyor-belt enterprise, but hold a defined roster, stand behind those bands and give them all the attention they need.

What genres can you expect from Intoxicated Recordings? The short answer is anything old-school. But to elaborate a bit on that: genres like death, speed, heavy, doom, sludge, grind, thrash and black metal. Regarding sending in demos and material like that, please be aware that even though unsolicited demos is accepted and listen to all we receive, we do not automatically answer on incoming demos we did not specifically request from our end. If we like your band, we will definitely contact you!
If you are a reviewer and want to receive promotional material, then we are more than happy to add you to our list. Just remember to mail the review instead of just posting it on Facebook. In case you want to send in a demo, death threats, nude photos or receive promos, you can do so via the contact form, or clicking the mail button in the bottom of the page.

Intoxicated Recordings' logo was executed by David Torturdød from Undergang.

Support your local scene, the bands you like, and your local record stores!