A Darker Shade of Black: Demo Collection I

by Incorporeal

Release date: November 16th, 2015
Format: Digital
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Note: We sadly have a 20mb limit per file here on our page. Therefore, "Scorn and Contempt" was rendered at 256kps here. For the best quality, listen at Bandcamp.

Raw and original progressive extreme metal from Denmark. Incorporeal's first compilation, out of two, presents you with compositions that captures the essence of a mix between symphonic metal, and the early 90s Norwegian black metal scene - but with its own original twist. This diverse contrast between beauty and beast is the core essence of Incorporeal.

This compilation contains material ranging from 2009-2011.

Line up
Nickolai Matthiassen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, Drum programming

Session musician
Dennis Amtoft Jensen - Additional guitar on "Scorn and Contempt"

Recorded, mixed and produced by Nickolai Matthiassen.
Photography by Lea Madsen.
Artwork and logo by Alexander Dinesen.

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